Of Plastics, Capitalism & You

A Photo Essay

By G.A.Jennings

Seems to me that alot of people already like annoying other people...

Yet sometimes an odd little piece of hope comes along. (Though a bit misguided.)

And some people clean up after themselves... You know, "dispose of properly" and "be kind rewind" kinda people.

And some, like a bird or a squirrel or a rodent in the park... Just drop their shit after they've done their business.

Of course, some people can just forget things...

...as they hurry right up to the front of the store to run in and grab more shit.

Do we really need so many... Options?

Do we really need so many... Things?

So... Many... Fucking things?

In... So... Many... Little... Fucking... Packages?

While so many people are just giving their shit away?

But Whole Foods Market has organic chicken, right?

And they have JUST Egg's plant-based eggs, right?

And some people are really doing something, right?

Aren't they?

16. Ah... I don't think so.

photo credits: 1-15 g.a.jennings; 16 rolling stone magazine